Friday Five: Recharge from Work

The work week can be very draining. This is true for anyone regardless of the type of work. I’ve found there are a few ways that I can recharge my batteries during the evenings, which also double as something to look forward to during the day.

1. Exercise: I’m not talking about anything major. Go on a walk. Take a bike ride. Throw the ball with your puppy. I’m lucky in that I can ride my bike down to the river walk in the neighborhood and take an evening stroll along the water.

2. Grab a treat with a friend: My best friend works at a restaurant so our schedules don’t always work out to hang out, but this week we were able to catch up two nights over something sweet. I can’t think of a better way to talk about life than while holding a “love it” size cup of chocolate ice cream with M&M’s from Cold Stone in my hand.

3. Read: A book, a magazine, a blog, anything really. Take some time to yourself and escape to another world or discover some new inspiration. Who knows-you could find a great project for the weekend!

4. Write: I get compliments on my handwriting all the time and I proudly tell people, “Thanks, I practice.” No, I don’t sit around and write the alphabet over and over. I write letter to my friends. I jot down my thoughts. I even write out most posts before I type them. It’s therapeutic to me to just sit and get it all out.

5. An evening with family: I’m blessed that I live so close to so many family members. One of my uncle’s and my dad’s parents live in the same neighborhood as us and another uncle’s family comes  to visit a lot so family nights happen pretty frequently. We always have a blast together and it’s very relaxing.

How do you recharge during the week?

Keep Dancing,



Invest in What Inspires You!

This weeks inspiration comes with a lot of reflection. Looking back at how I’ve spent my time as well as looking forward to what I want to do once I graduate. Doing this has made me realize how important it will be for me to have a job that allows me to be creative, as well as one that continually inspires me, to do more and to be better.

What do you do to make sure that you are continually being inspired?

mumford1Keep Dancing,


Friday Five: Words of Wisdom

My favorite way to find inspiration is reading motivational quotes. Seriously, I have an entire Tumblr dedicated to my favorite quotes that I find. I have pinned a few of my favorites to the blog’s Pinterest page. These are a few of my favorite:

1. season

2. anticipation

3. grace

4. 2013-01-28 13.03.02

5. beinguseless

What are your favorite quotes?

Keep Dancing,


Everyday’s a Celebration!

This week I have been absolutely obsessed with the song “Big Parade” by The Lumineers. It totally reminds me that everyday can be a celebration, you only need to find the reason!

This is especially true during the summer for me, I never know what is going to come my way when I get off work. Some nights it could be catching up on reading my favorite blogs and others it’s a fun night out with my best friend!  Tonight, it happens to be the fact that I just ordered Warby Parker sunnies for home try-on!

bigparade2Keep Dancing,


Here’s To You, Dad

No, this post is not late. I didn’t forget Father’s Day, but today is better! Today is my dad’s birthday!

I won’t embarrass him and reveal his age because it’s not an indication of his personality. I know everyone thinks their dad is the best, but mine takes the cake for sure.

In everything he’s every done he has put his family first. Any job he has taken, moving our family to the beach, and finding the best care for me when I’ve been sick, no matter how far away we may have to go.

My dad is the perfect example of only being as old as you act-I mean he spent his 50th birthday at Disney World and could not have been more happy. I’m thankful for my sense of humor that I picked up from him, although some people may not enjoy my sarcasm constantly. He’s also taught us to always follow our dreams.

Just this summer he began coaching football at our high school because it’s something that he has always wanted to do. He has also gone back to school to get his master, which will allow him to work at the school. He has always encouraged Christopher and I to do whatever will make us happy without focusing on the amount of work or money it would require.

He and my mom are my biggest supporters and I can only hope I will be able to raise a family as well as they have done. So here’s to you, Dad! I will never be able to truly express my gratitude for all that you’ve taught me!

Happy Birthday Old Man!




Keep Dancing,


Friday Five: Vacation Destinations

So this past weekend my family took a weekend getaway to Table Rock State Park in upstate South Carolina. It was an incredible weekend, very relaxing and very little cell service. It was the perfect way to wind down after a stressful and busy work week. On the way home we decided where we are going to go for our weeklong vacation this year to celebrate my brother graduating from Clemson. Thus leading to this Friday’s five-my five favorite vacation destinations!

1. DISNEY WORLD! Not many people I know can say they have been to Disney World 9 times since they were 3 years old. Even less can say that is where they chose to go when they graduated from high school. But yes, both of those describe me! It is my family’s absolute favorite destination. Until our past 2 trips we have not stayed within the resort, but I definitely recommend it! While, it does cost extra-it is well worth it. From the “Extra Magic Hours” in the parks, to the free transportation-Disney does it right. They also have different hotels for different budgets. The parks themselves, also, have something to offer to everyone. They have rides for the amusement park enthusiasts and shows for the more relaxed theme park visitors. It’s truly a “one size fits all” destination.

2. Cruise! This is a tough one right now with everything that has happened recently with Carnival and Royal Caribbean. It’s also tough because I was one of the lucky people who got the norovirus on our trip. Setting all of that aside it was one incredible trip! We went on Royal Caribbean’s Mariner of the Seas, which was beautiful by itself! Leaving at the beach I love the water and spending a week on the water sounds like heaven to me! I made some great friends while on the trip, had some freedom to do what I wanted to do while my parents and brother did what they wanted. It was a very freeing trip! I also loved visiting St. Thomas! I would love to go back and stay at just St. Thomas for a week or even go see St. Martine since that was the part of the trip I missed out on.

3. Massanutten/Washington, D.C. – I don’t remember how old I was when we went on this trip, but I do remember that I want to go back. We stayed in Virginia in the mountains and took a day trip to D.C. There was so much to see and do that we couldn’t possibly get it all done in a single day. I loved the history and life that the city brought, without having to be in it all week-long. Staying at Massanutten allowed us to spend some time fishing and swimming and just relaxing as a family.

4. Pawleys Island – so this one seems a little weird to write since I live here now, but my vacations to the beach are some of my favorite memories! Each year my dad’s side of the family would all stay in a beach house, usually in Litchfield, for a week together. We would get up each morning and go to the beach, take a break for lunch/naps, go back out for a little while, take showers, and do whatever the plan was for the night. Each night was something different. One night would be eating at Lee’s Inlet Kitchen followed by putt-putt and ice cream. Another night would be spent going to the Pavilion. Another night would be fireworks on the beach. And of course it wouldn’t be a beach trip without some ghost crab hunting!

5. Mountains/Lake – I combined these two because we do very similar things when we go to each place. Finding a little cabin to stay in for the getaway with no intention of leaving, unless by boat. Usually the locations are secluded from actual towns and cell service is spotty. This makes it ten times more relaxing! Make sure to bring along your favorite board games and ingredients for s’mores! My favorites have been Lake Santee in SC, Nantahala River Valley, and this past weekend at Table Rock! Be sure to check out my pictures from this weekend here!

What are your favorite vacation destinations? Do you prefer going somewhere or having a staycation?


Keep Dancing,