101 in 1001


When I first saw Mackenzie Horan of Design Darling‘s list, I thought the start of senior year would be a perfect time to try this.

I encourage you to create your list and let me know when you do! [Beat me to it? I’d love to see a list you’re already working on!]

  2. Find a job post-grad
  3. Move to a new town
  4. Have photography printed to hang
  5. Learn more about my camera
  6. Develop my personal brand
  7. Enter pictures into a photography contest
  8. Refine my style
  9. Cleanse my closet!
  10. Travel to Europe-already planned!
  11. Utilize career services
  12. Find a concentration for this blog
  13. Learn code
  14. Host a dinner party
  15. Go to a blogger convention
  16. Make blog friends
  17. Subscribe to  a magazine (it would save me so much money!)
  18. Keep an updated inspiration board
  19. Develop a morning routine
  20. Develop a workout routine
  21. Go to New York for at least 3 days
  22. Spend a day at a spa
  23. Become an active Tri Delta alum
  24. Get my hair professionally styled
  25. Learn how to do make-up beyond basics
  26. See at least 20 “must-see” movies
  27. Work reading into my daily routine
  28. Find a mentor
  29. Invest in (and learn) Photoshop
  30. Get 100 blog followers
  31. Splurge on a nice purse
  32. Find the perfect graduation dress
  33. Learn a language
  34. Consistently journal
  35. Buy 10 coffee table books
  36. Buy my domain name
  37. Get MARRIED!
  38. Write a letter at least once a week for 3 months
  39. Eat food from a food truck
  40. See an outdoor movie
  41. Learn to ballroom dance
  42. Create an address book
  43. Attend a fashion week show
  44. Decorate with fresh flowers for 2 months
  45. Go to the ballet
  46. Set a budget and stick to it
  47. Get my boating license
  48. Attend Spoleto in Charleston
  49. Own an iPad
  50. Write a book
  51. Find a church to attend regularly post-grad
  52. Save $10 for every goal completed
  53. Donate $2 to St. Jude for every goal completed
  54. Go to the beach outside of SC
  55. Go up in the Bell Tower
  56. See a musical on Broadway
  57. Visit 3 new states
  58. Make time to write every day for 1 month
  59. Go to the Grande Ole Opry with Christopher
  60. Visit 3 new museums
  61. Start an art collection (at least 3 pieces)
  62. Increase the variety of my iTunes music
  63. Master cooking 3 of my favorite meals: Chicken Pot Pie, Chicken Soup, and Country Fried Steak
  64. Take a Paint & Pour class
  65. Go sailing with Alex
  66. Learn calligraphy
  67. Unsubscribe from old email lists
  68. Go on a trip with Alex
  69. Learn (and use) a new word every day for 2 months
  70. See all of the movies nominated for best picture before award season
  71. Read at least 3 Jane Austen novels
  72. Go apple picking
  73. Read the WSJ every day for 1 month
  74. Invest in the stock market
  75. Keep a “line-a-day” journal every day for senior year
  76. Make a playlist of 101 of my favorite songs
  77. Make a list of the 50 quotes I find most inspiring
  78. Take a picture of every letter of the alphabet
  79. Quit using “like”-seriously a bad habit
  80. Memorize the president’s in order and 1 important fact about them
  81. Write a letter to myself to open on my wedding day
  82. Make a list of advice I wish I had been given about college for my cousins
  83. Write a personal manifesto
  84. Throw a 4th of July party
  85. Redesign my blog
  86. Put all of my pictures on an external hard drive
  87. Take a weekend trip
  88. Visit a vineyard
  89. Update my accessory selection (shoes, jewelry, purses)
  90. Go to a Bed & Breakfast
  91. Drink more water and no soda for 3 weeks straight
  92. Go to a Packers game with Dad
  93. Take at least 3 Alt classes
  94. Go to bed before 11 during the week for 2 weeks
  95. Work out with a personal trainer
  96. Learn more about fashion & interior design
  97. Utilize the public library
  98. Guest post on another blog
  99. Design & stick to an editorial calendar
  100. Go on a picnic with my own picnic basket and blanket
  101. Inspire someone else to make their own list

My finish date is May 30, 2016. This seems like far away, but I know it’s going to go fast!

Here’s to new goals!

Keep Dancing


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