Everyday’s a Celebration!

This week I have been absolutely obsessed with the song “Big Parade” by The Lumineers. It totally reminds me that everyday can be a celebration, you only need to find the reason!

This is especially true during the summer for me, I never know what is going to come my way when I get off work. Some nights it could be catching up on reading my favorite blogs and others it’s a fun night out with my best friend!  Tonight, it happens to be the fact that I just ordered Warby Parker sunnies for home try-on!

bigparade2Keep Dancing,



2 thoughts on “Everyday’s a Celebration!

  1. The Lumineers are a very very underrated band! I am glad someone else listens to them! But most importantly The Big Parade speaks to me in the same way! For myself I tend to wake up every morning and listen to music. I always find myself landing on this song…the day is just better as a result from this 🙂

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