Senior Experience

I apologize for my lack of attention to my blog lately, my life has been filled with many ups and downs. Senior year is a very exciting time and there are a lot of amazing things going on around campus, but it’s also filled with a lot of uncertainty.

There are people who have an absolute idea of what they want to do after graduation, and then there are people, like me, who have absolutely no idea where life is going to take them. A few weeks ago I went to an event hosted by The Space (Wofford’s career services) to aid seniors in their job search. It was a very informative event and I wanted to share some of my take-aways.

The career search should be thought of as if it is another class that you are taking. This means that you should set aside time every day to devote to it. It is also something that should be continual. This is the same as the basic principle of physics: an object in motion stays in motion, while an object at rest stays at rest.

During the job search you should keep your options open, but don’t focus on staying open. Think of it as a hallway with a lot of doors. Once you walk through one door, you could find a room that leads to more doors. However, you would never know unless you gathered the courage to look.

We also discussed everything from resumes to social media and how sometimes they can be one in the same. In today’s world the use of technology, specifically social media can make you stand out in a crowd. The internet can open many more doors if you only take the time to care for and foster your presence.

The session was very informative and has helped get me going along the search, although the answer of what I want to do has yet to be answered. Oh well, in due time. The best I can do is to keep searching.

What advice would you have for seniors entering the workforce? Do you have any tips that have helped in your job search?

Keep Dancing,


Everything takes time


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