Where’s Waldo?

This past school year I felt like many aspects of my life have been a game of “Where’s Waldo?” Nothing has changed dramatically and everything is still there, but at the same time I feel like many things are missing. This blog and the inspiriting it provides has been one of those things. Well, with graduation now behind me I have some catching up to do.

Randomly I will think of things to write about and read things that inspire me, but I have not stuck by it and taken the time to truly think about what they mean to me. Sitting down and writing my reflections help me to understand how these articles, pictures, and videos change and challenge me.

So here’s to a fresh [re]start! And to start it off, my current background on my phone, thanks to Pinterest, which is a great daily reminder for the future.


Keep Dancing!



I can’t believe it! I’m writing this from Budapest! The time is finally here for my month of gallivanting around Europe!

Wofford has a January term that we call interim and this year I am getting to travel to Europe on a WWII trip! We started in a Budapest and tomorrow will be our third day here. I’m still in shock that I’m here! It’s absolutely amazing! This is definitely a city to visit if you are looking for somewhere to go in Europe!

You can follow along on my Instagram for pictures of my adventures.

These are a few of my favorites






Hope y’all are having a wonderful New Year!

Passion into Purpose

I’ve been in a rut lately: no inspiration, no motivation, and lots of M&M’s. But with the change of the leaves and the holiday season upon me I can feel the spark coming back into life.

passion into purpose2A friend shared that quote with me a few weeks ago and it really struck a chord with me. A few days later I read this post by College Prepster and I knew this idea of passion and purpose was meant to be in my life right now.

I’ve always thought of dance as my passion. It gives me a thrill unlike anything else and it provides me with a sense of belonging. However, being realistic with my health, I know that my hopes of being a professional dancer are in my past.

Could this passion for dance lead me elsewhere? Is there a job out there perfect for me and my love for dance? Is it going to lead me to something else creative? There’s no way to know right now, but I feel like time will tell.

Have you turned a passion into something more?

Keep Dancing,


Senior Experience

I apologize for my lack of attention to my blog lately, my life has been filled with many ups and downs. Senior year is a very exciting time and there are a lot of amazing things going on around campus, but it’s also filled with a lot of uncertainty.

There are people who have an absolute idea of what they want to do after graduation, and then there are people, like me, who have absolutely no idea where life is going to take them. A few weeks ago I went to an event hosted by The Space (Wofford’s career services) to aid seniors in their job search. It was a very informative event and I wanted to share some of my take-aways.

The career search should be thought of as if it is another class that you are taking. This means that you should set aside time every day to devote to it. It is also something that should be continual. This is the same as the basic principle of physics: an object in motion stays in motion, while an object at rest stays at rest.

During the job search you should keep your options open, but don’t focus on staying open. Think of it as a hallway with a lot of doors. Once you walk through one door, you could find a room that leads to more doors. However, you would never know unless you gathered the courage to look.

We also discussed everything from resumes to social media and how sometimes they can be one in the same. In today’s world the use of technology, specifically social media can make you stand out in a crowd. The internet can open many more doors if you only take the time to care for and foster your presence.

The session was very informative and has helped get me going along the search, although the answer of what I want to do has yet to be answered. Oh well, in due time. The best I can do is to keep searching.

What advice would you have for seniors entering the workforce? Do you have any tips that have helped in your job search?

Keep Dancing,


Everything takes time

Friday Five: Go Greek!

Today marks the start of formal recruitment here at Wofford. It’s an absolutely crazy weekend, but it ends with an amazing Monday with new members! I know there is a lot of debate out there about the importance of fraternities and sororities, but I see being part of a sorority as one of the most rewarding experiences of my life! Here are my five favorite things about being Greek:

1. Philanthropy: Tri Delta’s national philanthropy is childhood cancer research. This really resonates with me and I absolutely love doing everything I can to help out in raising money. Tri Delta’s also raise 25% of all money raised by Greek organizations! How amazing is that?!

2. My sisters: This sounds cheesy, but I absolutely love my sisters. They are my roommates, best friends, and will be my bridesmaids when I get married. They help me when I’m going through a rough time or when I just don’t feel like studying. I absolutely don’t know what I would do without these girls!

3. Functions: Between the crush parties, semi-formal, and formal we always have a blast. Dressing up and going out with my sisters helps break out of the ordinary.

4. Leadership Opportunities: I have had the pleasure of holding many leadership positions in Tri Delta, including being philanthropy chair. Holding these offices has allowed me to get involved in Tri Delta further and also on campus. I’ve met and worked with people I never would have imagined.

5. Plethora of Ideas: Everyone comes from different backgrounds and has their own ideas. I find it amazing for us to all work together and collaborate to make Tri Delta better. An idea that someone comes up with may turn out to be a tradition for years to come!


IMG_1922My pledge class at semi-formal last year! I can’t believe this is our last year!

IMG_1120On the Tri Delta patient care floor at St. Jude with other philanthropy chairs!

IMG_2382Two of my best friends who are also on dance team!

IMG_1997My roommate and I at initiation last year!


My Tri Delta family at Duck Calls and Overalls!

Are you part of a Greek organization? I would love to hear about your experiences!

Keep Dancing,





This September Day

Although I’m going to see Mumford & Sons tonight and very excited about it, there is one thing that takes priority over tonight.

I find myself every year stretching to remember everything I can about this day in 2001. I want to be able to remember and I don’t want to lose the memories in my mind.

Sure, I was not old enough to comprehend what was happening at that exact moment (I was in 4th grade coming back from PE when I found out), but as I’ve grown and learned and met people who were directly affected by that day I have developed a deeper sense of pride in our country.

This is my favorite song to listen to as a reminder of that day. Don’t forget to tell your loved ones how much you care and to thank a soldier today.

Keep Dancing,



101 in 1001

Today’s the day! I’m officially starting my ultimate “to-do” list. I have 1001 days to accomplish this list of 101 things.


When I first saw Mackenzie Horan of Design Darling‘s list, I thought the start of senior year would be a perfect time to try this.

I encourage you to create your list and let me know when you do! [Beat me to it? I’d love to see a list you’re already working on!]

  2. Find a job post-grad
  3. Move to a new town
  4. Have photography printed to hang
  5. Learn more about my camera
  6. Develop my personal brand
  7. Enter pictures into a photography contest
  8. Refine my style
  9. Cleanse my closet!
  10. Travel to Europe-already planned!
  11. Utilize career services
  12. Find a concentration for this blog
  13. Learn code
  14. Host a dinner party
  15. Go to a blogger convention
  16. Make blog friends
  17. Subscribe to  a magazine (it would save me so much money!)
  18. Keep an updated inspiration board
  19. Develop a morning routine
  20. Develop a workout routine
  21. Go to New York for at least 3 days
  22. Spend a day at a spa
  23. Become an active Tri Delta alum
  24. Get my hair professionally styled
  25. Learn how to do make-up beyond basics
  26. See at least 20 “must-see” movies
  27. Work reading into my daily routine
  28. Find a mentor
  29. Invest in (and learn) Photoshop
  30. Get 100 blog followers
  31. Splurge on a nice purse
  32. Find the perfect graduation dress
  33. Learn a language
  34. Consistently journal
  35. Buy 10 coffee table books
  36. Buy my domain name
  37. Get MARRIED!
  38. Write a letter at least once a week for 3 months
  39. Eat food from a  food truck
  40. See an outdoor movie
  41. Learn to ballroom dance
  42. Create an address book
  43. Attend a fashion week show
  44. Decorate with fresh flowers for 2 months
  45. Go to the ballet
  46. Set a budget and stick to it
  47. Get my boating license
  48. Attend Spoleto in Charleston
  49. Own an iPad
  50. Write a book
  51. Find a church to attend regularly post-grad
  52. Save $10 for every goal completed
  53. Donate $2 to St. Jude for every goal completed
  54. Go to the beach outside of SC
  55. See Wofford from the roof of Milliken
  56. See a musical on Broadway
  57. Visit 3 new states
  58. Make time to write every day for 1 month
  59. Go to the Grande Ole Opry with Christopher
  60. Visit 3 new museums
  61. Start an art collection (at least 3 pieces)
  62. Increase the variety of my iTunes music
  63. Master cooking 3 of my favorite meals: Chicken Pot Pie, Chicken Soup, and Country Fried Steak
  64. Take a Paint & Pour class
  65. Go sailing with Alex
  66. Learn calligraphy
  67. Unsubscribe from old email lists
  68. Go on a trip with Alex
  69. Learn (and use) a new word every day for 2 months
  70. See all of the movies nominated for best picture before award season
  71. Read at least 3 Jane Austen novels
  72. Go apple picking
  73. Read the WSJ every day for 1 month
  74. Invest in the stock market
  75. Keep a “line-a-day” journal every day for senior year
  76. Make a playlist of 101 of my favorite songs
  77. Make a list of the 50 quotes I find most inspiring
  78. Take a picture of every letter of the alphabet
  79. Quit using “like”-seriously a bad habit
  80. Memorize the president’s in order and 1 important fact about them
  81. Write a letter to myself to open on my wedding day
  82. Make a list of advice I wish I had been given about college for my cousins
  83. Write a personal manifesto
  84. Throw a 4th of July party
  85. Redesign my blog
  86. Put all of my pictures on an external hard drive
  87. Take a weekend trip
  88. Visit a winery
  89. Update my accessory selection (shoes, jewelry, purses)
  90. Go to a Bed & Breakfast
  91. Drink more water and no soda for 3 weeks straight
  92. Go to a Packers game with Dad
  93. Take at least 3 Alt classes
  94. Go to bed before 11 during the week for 2 weeks
  95. Work out with a personal trainer
  96. Learn more about fashion & interior design
  97. Utilize the public library
  98. Guest post on another blog
  99. Design & stick to an editorial calendar
  100. Go on a picnic with my own picnic basket and blanket
  101. Inspire someone else to make their own list

My finish date is May 30, 2016. This seems like far away, but I know it’s going to go fast!

Here’s to new goals!

Keep Dancing