Friday Five: Favorite Magazines

While redecorating my room this summer I decided to upgrade my old memory board into an actual inspiration board, like pre-Pinterest craze.

I’ve been painting all week and can’t wait to re-hang my board. But before that I had to find pictures/quotes/ideas to “pin.” For this, I turned to my magazine collection. (Which is mostly old copies we had lying around home and at work)

I definitely have 5 faves, although there are plenty more I dabble through.

1. Vogue

2. InStyle

Both of these I turn to for lifestyle and fashion advice. The ads are also to-die-for. Pure fabulousness.

3. Better Homes & Gardens

4. Architectural Digest

My latest obsession has become home decor and ideas for houses and my collection of these old catalogs has grown quickly.

5. Southern Living

Southern Living is perfect for any gal growing up in the south. I love it so much that I follow their blog, The Daily South, Instagram, and Twitter. It’s especially perfect for holidays and tailgating ideas!

What magazines do you draw inspiration from? What are your thoughts on real inspiration boards vs. Pinterest?

Leave a link to your Pinterest page and I will follow! I’m always looking for new inspiration!

Keep Dancing,





Good Vibrations

No, this is not a blast from the past about to get groovy. I’m referring to the masterminds behind three business I’m crushing on. These people just give off a good vibe. The websites and blogs provide enough good energy that make me want to pack my bags for NYC now, so that I can breathe the same creative air.


The first should come as no surprise for anyone who has kept up with my blog. I don’t hide my obsession with Warby Parker very well. You would think I work for them as often as I write about them. I just recently finished my home try-on for my sunnies and I can’t wait to order! (you’ll get to hear about them soon, promise) I love keeping up with the Warby Parker class trip through their blog. Thanks to them I know the places to visit when I make it to the west coast! The greatest news is that they just reached a milestone of 500,000 pairs of glasses donated!

The second business just provided some lucky people with the cutest Fourth of July parties this nation has encountered. Revelry House has made a business out of the most fun part of planning any party – the decorations! I only wish I would have thought of this sooner! Their party-in-a-box supplies decorations as well as utensils and recipes for a party of 25. The girls behind the idea also supply great advice for any type of soiree on their blog as well. I can’t wait to see what their bachelorette party box includes for my special celebration (whenever that may be).

My newest fascination came from learning about College Prepster‘s friend, the mastermind behind Design Darling. The decor is to die for since I’m finally kissing the dorms goodbye next year and moving into an apartment. I am looking for ways to make it absolutely fabulous and this site has it all at an incredibly affordable price. I’ve been drooling over all of the fun colors and monograms! My favorite pieces are the acrylic tray, complete with topiary or latest floral arrangement. I’m also swooning over the Turkish towel, which is just right for studying on the lawn or a picnic with friends.

What are your favorite companies to stalk religiously linger over?

Keep Dancing,