I can’t believe it! I’m writing this from Budapest! The time is finally here for my month of gallivanting around Europe!

Wofford has a January term that we call interim and this year I am getting to travel to Europe on a WWII trip! We started in a Budapest and tomorrow will be our third day here. I’m still in shock that I’m here! It’s absolutely amazing! This is definitely a city to visit if you are looking for somewhere to go in Europe!

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These are a few of my favorites






Hope y’all are having a wonderful New Year!


Wild Wednesday

Do you ever have those days where nothing goes quite like you could have planned? Well that was my day.

I had a post planned for today, but with today’s events I changed my mind. (I was very excited about the other one so you’ll probably see it soon, though.)

The day started off with waking up and not being able to move. Sometime during this morning I rolled over funny while sleeping and strained a nerve in my neck. My back was so tight I was having to think about breathing because I simply wasn’t to avoid the pain. Luckily, it has relaxed some throughout the day at work, but this morning had me worried.

But today while at work I found out some amazing news! Tri Delta‘s nationally raised $5.6 MILLION for St. Jude this past school year! This was a record year for the fraternity! This also sets us at more than $14.2 million towards our goal of $15 million in 5 years! At the rate we have been fundraising I’m predicting that we reach our goal before Christmas.


[the announcement on the Tri Delta insta]

I’m also extremely proud of my chapter, which raised over $30,000 this past year. Being a smaller chapter this is quite an accomplishment. I’m so proud of my sisters and all the work that they put into helping with fundraising!

Do you have a favorite philanthropy? What’s the most you’ve raised for an organization?

Keep Dancing,