Warby Parker

So, I’m crushing. Really hard. No, not on a boy. Warby Parker glasses! They are absolutely adorable! I wear a pair of reading glasses and I love it. It has been proven by anyone that knows me that I am more focused when I wear my glasses. Well, over Christmas break I found out I needed a new prescription. This also means new glasses! While I still don’t have my new glasses, it’s ok. I’m probably going to need a new prescription soon anyways. (I swear the amount I spend on the computer doing homework is killing my eyes) My current glasses are Burberry and I love them, but I want to do something different and a little less expensive.

Then, I discovered Warby Parker through The College Prepster! They are perfect! They are mostly run through their online store, but there are shops in New York and San Francisco. So the way it works is you pick 5 pairs that they will ship you for free for home try-on. You have these glasses for 5 days and once you’re done, you just send them back-still completely free. Once you have decided on the pair that is best for you, just go online and place your order. The best part: the glasses are only $95 and when you buy a pair they give a pair to someone in need!

I don’t think my parents are ready to buy me new glasses yet, but I’m seriously considering ordering my 5 tonight so that I could have them picked out for the summer. If I had to pick my 5 right now this is how I would rank them.


5. The Begley

I don’t think these would look very good on me but they look so fun!


4. The Ainsworth


3. The Percey


2. The Downing



1. The Mallory

Absolutely obsessed!

They also have a 1922 Collection right now that are “The Great Gatsby” inspired! If only I could rock those as well.

These are what I’m daydreaming about as I work on this presentation on McDonald’s. I’m so over it, but if you have any questions about MCD, I’m your girl!

Keep Dancing,


Screen Shot 2013-04-25 at 10.00.52 PM

This is one of the sayings for the 1922 Collection – very Gatsby



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