Reason for a new blog

This is my third blog I’ve created recently. I’m trying to find a new place to collect my thoughts and what gives me inspiration. Thus far, I must say I’m impressed with WordPress and the ability to edit my blog.

I have decided to continue with the same blog title because I believe it is the most fitting title for my life. I relate my life to a dance class. You start the class with the normal warm-up routine. You move into the less familiar, but still predictable across the floor exercises. Then finally, you move in to the “meat and potatoes” (as Mrs. Steele would say) of the class. This is the new choreography. Life has an¬†every day routine, mixed in with some familiarity. Then there are the days when there is no time for technique or you will miss the most exciting adventures.

Hopefully along the way of my every day life there will be some interesting aspects and some inspiration. Who knows, we might even experience a life epiphany that could change all of the choreography. Either way, I hope you enjoy.

Taking it back to my high school days of competition: