Friday Five: Recharge from Work

The work week can be very draining. This is true for anyone regardless of the type of work. I’ve found there are a few ways that I can recharge my batteries during the evenings, which also double as something to look forward to during the day.

1. Exercise: I’m not talking about anything major. Go on a walk. Take a bike ride. Throw the ball with your puppy. I’m lucky in that I can ride my bike down to the river walk in the neighborhood and take an evening stroll along the water.

2. Grab a treat with a friend: My best friend works at a restaurant so our schedules don’t always work out to hang out, but this week we were able to catch up two nights over something sweet. I can’t think of a better way to talk about life than while holding a “love it” size cup of chocolate ice cream with M&M’s from Cold Stone in my hand.

3. Read: A book, a magazine, a blog, anything really. Take some time to yourself and escape to another world or discover some new inspiration. Who knows-you could find a great project for the weekend!

4. Write: I get compliments on my handwriting all the time and I proudly tell people, “Thanks, I practice.” No, I don’t sit around and write the alphabet over and over. I write letter to my friends. I jot down my thoughts. I even write out most posts before I type them. It’s therapeutic to me to just sit and get it all out.

5. An evening with family: I’m blessed that I live so close to so many family members. One of my uncle’s and my dad’s parents live in the same neighborhood as us and another uncle’s family comes ┬áto visit a lot so family nights happen pretty frequently. We always have a blast together and it’s very relaxing.

How do you recharge during the week?

Keep Dancing,