Friday Five: End of the Year


Today marks the start of graduation weekend, luckily not for me yet. It also means that on Sunday I will be headed back home to the island! So here’s to the class of 2013 and new adventures!

1. Is there a no rain-rain dance? If so, that needs to happen because the forecast is calling for rain on Sunday, which is not good for a usually outdoor graduation and moving out.

2. Graduation Celebrations-or rather End-of-the-Year Celebrations-These include the last Wednesday night of the year at Main Street. My first trip to RJ Rockers Tour & Appreciation on Thursdays. $5 gets you a pint glass, 4 drink tickets, and a good time. I’m not much a beer drinker, but the company and music were worth it!

3. Plastic Boxes are covering my room. My brother is coming to help pack me up tomorrow and I move out on Sunday. I hate packing so they’re looming over me currently.

4. I never announced my good news, but I was selected to be co-chair of Wofford’s Relay for Life next year. I’m really excited about this opportunity and the chance to make the event even better than it has been the past two years!

5. The greatest song ever recorded. It’s not a party with me, unless this song is played!

Have a wonderful weekend, whether you’re celebrating the next phase in life or simply helping others celebrate!

Keep Dancing,



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