Inspired…Or Not?

The week before Spring Break: In theory, it should be wonderful. In reality, it’s awful. Everything that has been scheduled to get done before Spring Break is procrastinated until this week, well at least for me. Thankfully, this year that is not a very long list. And with only one test this week it is pretty smooth sailing.

However, I am desperate for this break. My school work, happiness, and productivity need time to recharge. I have mentally checked out and nothing I am trying is helping to revive my creativity. That is, my creativity for school work.

The upside to this week: inspiration in others areas. This seems to be a constant problem and blessing for me. I get stressed in one area and devote myself entirely to a different project. You can see how this would be an issue. For example, I have a test on Wednesday in Financial Statement Analysis. Naturally, my mind tells me this would be a great time to research how to make my blog better. Literally, I’ve spent hours finding ideas.

So while I’m trying to find the inspiration to study for my test on Wednesday the direction I want to take my blog is becoming more defined. Be on the lookout for new posts, especially since I’ve discovered the ability to schedule posts.

Keep Dancing,



Picture I made using! It’s very similar to Photoshop and it’s free!


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